Natalie Portman - how great is she - and so easy on the eyes

Just after publishing the post about my surprise upon seeing Ashley Judd appear in an old, late-night Star Trek Next Generation rerun (and how Ashley Judd reminds me of Natalie Portman for some reason), I realized I was not 100% sure about the official grammar rules concerning TV show titles, episode names, and a few other related items. (I guess I’ll have to include a photo of Natalie Portman now that I’ve mentioned her…)

This post happens to be another prime example of my standard M.O.: getting sidetracked. This blog is actually named after this habit of mine, these frequent digressions from one subject to another. I’m not complaining, though; I actually learn quite a bit as I follow these whims and sidetracks wherever they might lead me, which could be anything from those gigantic, lake-dwelling Alligator Snapping Turtles to the fantastic acoustic guitar in certain songs by the prolific band XTC. (I could not find a blog topic I’ve covered that started with Z, so I guess it could be anything from A to X.)

Natalie Portman - how great is she - and so easy on the eyes

Naturally, I refrain from this kind of subject chaining, whim following, and other literary detours when I’m on the clock working on websites for clients, serving as a ghost blogger, or spending time on other web projects. (For more about the specific website services we offer, please see Nashville SEO and Web Content.)

It turns out television shows should be italicized. Dear reader (there is only one), I hope you don’t expect me to retroactively correct each post in which a TV show is mentioned…

The official rule is as follows: in writing, the titles of works that include shorter works should be italicized. This includes collections of songs, poems, short plays, short stories, essays, anthologies – and even television shows. TV shows contain shorter works known as episodes and even scenes. Now I know.

Resources: TV show punctuation

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