Notes from Friday, August 26, 2011

China’s military power: Modernisation in sheep’s clothing – The Economist Online

Notes from Wednesday, August 24, 2011


sketches by Stephen Frasier - executives at American Homepatient in Franklin, TN

While reviewing stats for today’s blog traffic so far, I noticed one incoming link from something called Instapaper: a simple, apparently free tool to save web pages for reading later. Sounds like a great little tool that I’d actually use.

2012 Election: Where GOP Presidential Candidates Stand On Evolution – Huffington Post

Politics, interesting articles at
The Contradictions of a Conservative: The good, the bad, and the ugly in Rick Perry’s Fed Up

Rick Perry’s Superficial Extremism: The Texas governor’s record doesn’t live up to his rhetoric.

Rick Perry: Economic Wizard?: The truth about job creation and government spending in the Lone Star state

Fright Night remake

Philosophy: The four laws of thought
sketches by Stephen Frasier - Bible teachers at Lipscomb University in Nashville, TN
That proof continues with a brief tour of the basic laws of thought. There are four: the law of identity (a thing is whatever it is); the law of non-contradiction (a thing cannot simultaneously be and not be); the law of excluded middle (a thing must either be or not be), and the law of causality (for every condition or event, there must be a cause). Despite the occasional yelps from multiculturalists and postmodernists, the laws of thought are universal. No human being has ever lived, no human society has ever existed, that did not accept and rely upon the validity of the laws of thought; they are the foundation of reasoning and knowing.

Social Media, Blogging
…but it’ll be enough to help your PageRank grow… and that helps a lot
adding a “+1” button to your site will help a lot, too.

Google+: 10 things it does better – CNN

Are Internet Explorer users dumb? – CNN

Brown dwarfs
The coolest star-like bodies yet – Light Years blog – CNN

Notes from Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Google Analytics

How do I track unique areas within my website separately in Google Analytics? You can set up numerous filters – what a fantastic feature.

Mom’s laptop

My father bought Mom IntelliPoint 8 – a wireless keyboard and mouse – to use with her Dell laptop. I know, it sounds odd – but he doesn’t like using the smaller laptop keyboard and pointing device, so he was assuming she doesn’t either and basically trying to help Mom have a better computing experience.

As I was installing it on her laptop (an installation which failed multiple times, by the way – no surprise there), I happened to see all the junk cluttering her Windows Vista desktop, all those annoying little applications running in the background and gobbling up her processing power, and all the junk toolbars on her IE web browser.

Mom is not a power user, and since she uses only the most basic software/services (e.g., Gmail, web searches, etc.), so like most basic users, she doesn’t know what to look out for during installations and updates.

As a result of the default settings always being chosen during basic installations and updates over the years, her laptop has been loaded with junkware. That laptop must be running significantly slower than it otherwise would. I bet there is plenty of spyware running in the background, too – cleverly sending whatever it can to marketing companies.

If she will allow me to, I would love to help. I hope she’ll let me clear away the junk for her, speed up her computer with free but effective utilities such as Advanced SystemCare and Glary Utilities, show her why she should dump Internet Explorer and use a faster & lighter web browser like Chrome, delete all the desktop icons she doesn’t use, etc.

Notes from Monday, August 22, 2011

Webcam ready

Today I acquired a used webcam my father decided he didn’t need.
QuickCam Communicate STX – Model number V-UBK45 – uses LWS 1.1, QuickCam 10.5

Satoshi Kon

Black and White, from Tekkon Kinkreet, 2006 anime film by Satoshi Kon

I did not know anime genius Satoshi Kon had passed away; Satoshi Kon died of pancreatic cancer in 2010.
The Allusionist Satoshi Kon – article on

I looked briefly for a “read more” icon.
Free icon sets/packs from Open Source Hunter

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