Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Good Wife
I will not be able to continue devoting this much time to blogging about The Good Wife stills - excellent tv show starting in 2009 entertainment such as The Good Wife; my SEO, web content, and related website work is really piling up – thank goodness – and I’ll be putting in some serious overtime on that, along with my studies. To assist in my focus on web work, I’m no longer using the television during the workweek – between Monday morning and Friday evening.

However, I am thoroughly enjoying watching the idiot box this evening: The Good Wife is such an entertaining show. For whatever reason, this show – which revolves around Alicia Florrick‘s experiences at the powerful law firm Lockhart Gardner – really has grabbed me. CBS is showing the last two episodes of the second season, and both are fantastic.

22. “Getting Off”
23. “Closing Arguments”

The Good Wife: “Getting Off” (Season 2, episode 22)
Alicia, our “good wife,” is assigned to defend Stephanie Engler (portrayed by Sarah Silverman) who is being sued by a widow whose husband The Good Wife stills - excellent tv show starting in 2009 was murdered by someone he met on the defendant’s website ( a site designed to facilitate adulterous hookups). Once again, Alicia and Will are up against the somewhat ditsy Ms. Crozier. (Does Nancy Crozier merely pretend to be an airhead in order to gain sympathy in court?) When her case turns to accusing the defendant of murder – and Carey Agos takes an overt interest in the civil proceedings – Alicia and Will realize they have to change their strategy. Now that Alicia knows Kalinda slept with her husband Peter, she starts treating Kalinda badly. Alicia lays it on the line with Kalinda, who decides to get a job elsewhere.

The Good Wife: “Closing Arguments” (Season 2, episode 23)
Will and Alicia defend a man accused of killing a judge who had ruled against him in a civil suit. A key piece of evidence which had been missing, a bloody glove, suddenly turns up in the mail at Lockhart Gardner and lands on Alicia’s desk. The jury is already deliberating and they have little time. They review the cases where the judges may have taken bribes and have the glove DNA-tested, with surprising results. Meanwhile, the local Democratic committee wants to keep Eli Gold around and manage Peter Florrick’s next election, this time for Statewide office. He decides to set himself up at Lockhart Gardner.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Fringe: “Northwest Passage”
Another good episode. Too bad the Friday night Fringe airing and the Saturday night Fringe airing are not the same sequences; it can get a little confusing.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Fringe: “The Day We Died”
“The Day We Died” was the last episode of the third season of Fringe.

For those who don’t know, Fringe has been described accurately as a combination of The X-Files, Altered States, The Twilight Zone, and Dark Angel. I’ve only seen one episode of Dark Angel so I cannot vouch for it, but the others I’d agree with – especially The X-Files.

Another excellent episode, this one is set apart as it contains the heart-wrenching loss of a major beloved character. While many Fringe episodes can be watched and enjoyed by folks who do not regularly watch the show (or in many cases, by viewers who have never seen even one episode of Fringe), “The Day We Died” will certainly be appreciated most by Fringe fans.

I’ve seen fewer than 20 episodes, so I’m no expert or Fringe junkie, but I really do enjoy certain aspects of Fringe – particularly the so-called fringe science for which the show is named. Fringe science, while certainly far-out, isn’t something that can be written off, reviled, or ridiculed, as if it were on the same level as the junk science employed by those who cannot accept actual science when it disagrees with the ancient books, fad diets and supplements, etc. which many people seem to hold in higher esteem than reality.

Certain groups of people seem to be particularly prone to equate some junk science with the real thing. This subject receives more attention than usual during pre-election periods when ultra-rightist candidates – infamous in part for their refutation of actual science in favor of highly questionable theories – are out politicking. Divides can evolve into serious debate when serious money is at stake: when scientific claims threaten the future of corporate profits.

Adherents to far-right fundamentalist flavors of various religions, most notably Christianity, are another group particularly susceptible to junk science.

Generally speaking, there are three (3) categories or classifications of scientific ideas: center, frontier, and fringe. Mainstream scientists typically consider fringe concepts as highly speculative, or in some cases, strongly refuted.

Moved: Ringer
The section about Ringer, the new show starring Sarah Michelle Gellar, was moved here, to its own post.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

What do these items have in common?

  1. P.F.E.T.A.
  2. Trot’s All Natural Fertilizer
  3. Rent Reduced: Crime Scene Special
  4. Meth I Can: Methadone Clinic
  5. Synthesizers! Synthesizers! Synthesizers!
  6. Extra Moist Yogurt
  7. The Horse Renderer
  8. Attempted Crepe: French Cooking School
  9. Rocky Refuge: Raccoon Sanctuary


  1. Robert
  2. The answer is mentioned one time in this blog (so far), within a post whose title contains a year.

Answer: Coming soon (Like you care; besides, you already Googled it – cheater!)

Prospects for Palestinian statehood

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I added a political prediction to the new Predictions page. Will I regret adding such a page to this public blog? Prolly.

Writing guidelines
There are writing guidelines for philosophy.

Newspapers follow the Associated Press Stylebook. Newspapers have their own sets of writing rules for various reasons, including the fact that italics cannot be sent through Associated Press computers! (Good grief.)

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

WordPress popularity
WordPress now powers 14.7% of the top one million websites in the world, up from 8.5%, and the latest data show 22 out of every 100 new active domains in the Unites States are running WordPress. Incredible!

According to the data collected, 6,800 self-employed respondents were responsible for over 170,000 sites personally, and these professionals charged a median hourly rate of $50.

Website work: Nashville SEO & Web Content
Meeting with Randy Word – 8:30 to 9:30am. Took notes on everything I need to accomplish:

  1. BB updates, improvements
  2. Home page link to nowhere
  3. Add images to home page rotation script
  4. Create database for new questionnaire
  5. Add new questionnaire top website
  6. Finish implementing Google Analytics

Separately, Randy and I discussed the handyman app project, which I need to finish writing up. I let him know that if my interest in the project did not manifest itself in an obvious way within the next week, that he could write me off of this one. My intent is to impress him with my write-up of the project.

Made plans to have dinner with Steve G. on Thursday; he picks me up at 5pm. Ruby Tuesday salad bar, here I come. Been a while!

Monday, September 12, 2011

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