This page shall serve as a public compendium for information regarding my upcoming trek to Roanoke, VA.

Roaoke, VAOh, what an embarrassing and frustrating false start I made today. OMG! I actually told a few folks I’d be moving to Roanoke, VA the weekend of July 4th (about 2.5 weeks from now) — which, I now realize, would be more of a challenge to pull off than I initially anticipated. There was much discussion yesterday and more then enough excitement surrounding the idea this morning, which apparently caused my occasionally air-headed self to blow by some of the more substantial parameters of the move.

I won’t go into great detail here regarding some of the boundaries of the Roanoke trek to avoid embarrassing anyone (other than myself) or offending anyone.

Roanoke is a picturesque city of about 100,000 proper (or 300K for the MSA) in Southwestern Virginia. Roanoke is the home of Jefferson…

to be continued

Resources: Trekking to Roanoke, Virginia

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