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Proper grammar: Anyway vs. any way

This one's simple and needs little in the way of explanation: Anyway = Regardless Any way = Any method Anyways – This is improper; should be avoided Resources: Grammar - Any way vs. anyway Anyway, Any Way, or Anyways? Daily Writing Tips Anyway or Any Way? EnglishPlus

July 19th, 2011|Writing|0 Comments

Grammar: Proper punctuation when mentioning TV shows

Just after publishing the post about my surprise upon seeing Ashley Judd appear in an old, late-night Star Trek Next Generation rerun (and how Ashley Judd reminds me of Natalie Portman for some reason), I realized I was not 100% sure about the official grammar rules concerning TV show titles, episode names, and a few [...]

July 6th, 2011|Grammar, Writing|0 Comments

Writing style: Capitalization in titles, headers

Postscript July 2011: I no longer use title case style or headline style (the capitalization standard of capitalizing most words in titles of blog posts) in most of my writing. The more internationally flavored sentence-style case makes more logical sense to me, and it's also easier to read; detailed update coming soon... August 2011: In [...]

February 5th, 2011|Grammar|7 Comments

Changing my writing and documentation routines

Going From Word to Web Wednesday, February 02, 2011 OK, I believe I've finally decided to revise my standard writing process, along with the related documentation and recording of reference material (links, etc.). I think I know -- at least partially -- how I can tweak my writing habits in order to share it as [...]

February 2nd, 2011|Ideas|0 Comments