Contagion: 2011 medical thriller starring Matt Damon

Verdict WidgetsContagion is a jarring, eye-opening film with a notably offbeat, unique score (it's largely electronic) - and given the fact that our world is overdue for a deadly pandemic, it's also quite frightening. On its pandemic flu website, the Centers for Disease Control has publicly addressed Contagion and some of the issues raised [...]

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Limitless: A wildly entertaining 2011 sci-fi film

What if a pill could make you rich and powerful? Although I'm quite loquacious here about what happens in Limitless, I am not revealing everything. You can still enjoy watching Limitless and encounter numerous surprises, even after reading this post about the exciting, smart drug-centered science fiction film; I've carefully omitted plenty of choice details [...]

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Fringe TV show, fringe science, junk science

I've seen fewer than 20 episodes, so I'm no expert or Fringe junkie, but I really do enjoy certain aspects of Fringe - particularly the so-called fringe science for which the show is named. Fringe science, while certainly far-out, isn't something that can be written off, reviled, or ridiculed, as if it were on the [...]

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Saturday happenings

Broderick Builders: New website published Finally published the new site! Also did quite a bit of experimenting on the Broderick Builders logo using the powerful open source graphics software GIMP. Not achieving much success with the tools, I cleaned up one of the logos pixel-by-pixel. Hiking at Radnor Lake with Steve D. Thanks again to [...]

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The Rise of the Planet of the Apes: Friday night at the movies

I don't see many movies on the big screen these days, so tonight's plans to check out the well-reviewed Rise of the Planet of the Apes film are exciting! Al is picking me up in 15 minutes; we'll probably head over to Hollywood Stadium 27, a Regal Cinemas theater complex. I wasn't expecting The Rise [...]

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