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How to determine installed version of Flash Player

I decided to write up these quick and easy instructions when today's upgrade to the Firefox 6 web browser was recommended. I'm glad Firefox is keeping on top of browser security issues, but the frequent upgrades definitely get in the way of the browser addons and extensions I've come to count on. That's one reason [...]

August 16th, 2011|Technology|0 Comments

Google+ cheat sheets, guides, docs, more

I will be adding additional links to Google+ documentation to this post as I come across it. May Google+ fare very well against Facebook... Resources: Google+ guides, docs, cheat sheets (date) Google+: The Complete Guide - Mashable (20110716) Everything You Need to Know about Google+ - BNET (20110713) Google+ cheat sheet - BuzzFeed (20110712) Google+ [...]

July 19th, 2011|Social media|0 Comments

Bored? A few ideas for alleviating boredom

Exercise. (Just kidding.) (Although exercise is one of the best overall ways to spend half an hour or so of one's time, this alleviating boredom list is not a compilation of the healthiest things to do when bored. Generally speaking, this list of diversions has not been devised with maximum productivity, health, or self-improvement in [...]

July 14th, 2011|Ideas|0 Comments

Writing style: Capitalization in titles, headers

Postscript July 2011: I no longer use title case style or headline style (the capitalization standard of capitalizing most words in titles of blog posts) in most of my writing. The more internationally flavored sentence-style case makes more logical sense to me, and it's also easier to read; detailed update coming soon... August 2011: In [...]

February 5th, 2011|Grammar|7 Comments