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U.S. debt crisis video, other Wednesday digressions

Finance I was introduced to the must-see video U.S. Debt Crisis: 2012 is only for America via Google+ today; it's a frank and blunt primer on Uncle Sam's proclivity to borrow and spend itself into trouble. Wow, that Dow... I just now read the fresh headline on the CNN home page: Dow plummets 520 points... [...]

August 10th, 2011|Politics, U.S.|0 Comments

Of interest on Friday

Friday's digressions included the most common lies told by corporations and bosses, the ongoing debt ceiling debate, the hyper-partisanship of Congress, working with application dictionaries (e.g., used by Microsoft Word to check spelling), and a few others. I use a Yahoo email account for all subscriptions in an attempt to keep my main email account [...]

July 29th, 2011|Weekly notes|0 Comments

A political platform we’d like to see

Updated periodically IMHO, a proper political movement would combine fiscal conservatism, libertarianism, greenism, freedom of religion and other personal latitude, the ability and willingness to negotiate reasonable agreements through compromise while remaining open-minded and teachable, and so on: the better parts of diverse political philosophies plus at least a dash of basic, universal spiritual principles. [...]

July 18th, 2011|Politics, U.S.|0 Comments

Debt debate: Thinking out loud

It’s great in some ways that the massive U.S. debt is the primary focus of our elected politicians. Viewed another way, it’s downright frightening that this group of representatives - viewed positively by less than 20% of American voters polled - actually holds the keys to such important matters. Debt ceiling debate: a handy cheat [...]

July 10th, 2011|Politics, U.S.|0 Comments