The proliferation of audio on the web is interesting. It has been a long time since I Googled for the proper pronunciation of a word or phrase, so I was surprised at the dozens of sites and tools that show how to pronounce any word there is.

A friend of mine has lately talked of travel plans that include the Grand Tetons. I’ve been there at least twice that I can think of, so I would have been surprised if I still did not know the proper way to say it. But I had my doubts when this fellow – Russ, we’ll call him – recently pronounced the beautiful national park as TEETnz instead of TEE-tonz.

I don’t like to point out others’ mistakes. Generally, correcting friends when they misspeak or err is a spiritual and social no-no in my book; however, it does depend on who it is, the nature of the relationship, and whether we have previously discussed our preferences regarding such correction. This subject has come up before; I have asked friends to be sure to speak up if I’m wrong about something. It may seem like a silly and trivial point to note, but since I do have a personal rule concerning such misspeaks, I have thought to make such a point.

Of course, in certain types of conversations – such as debates – there’s an obvious implication that factual errors and such ought to be pointed out. But this is no debate.

Although all of the audio-capable resources I found use the preferred pronunciation of Tetons, I did see Tetons shown the way Daniel pronounces it, as a secondary or alternate pronunciation. So, I guess he is not technically mispronouncing it – which means I probably won’t say anything about it – which, in turn, means I will probably have to hear it again!

Resources: Pronouncing Grand Teton(s)

Grand Tetons

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