Robert LaSardo: Popular tattooed bad-guy actor everyone has seen

Robert LaSardo, popular bad guy actor with lots of tattoosYou know that heavily tattooed actor with a shaved head who almost always plays a Hispanic criminal in so many different television shows and movies? After seeing this guy over and over and over, I finally decided to look him up and see who he was. He’s Robert LaSardo: a very accomplished actor with plenty of work, despite having seemingly been pigeonholed as a criminal – typically a Hispanic thug!

Natalie Portman - how great is she - and so easy on the eyesSpecifically, I’ve seen Mr. LaSardo in Last Stand, one of the better episodes of CSI Miami – the episode that aired on CBS tonight (Sunday evening, July 10, 2011). I’ve also seen Robert LaSardo in such movies as Autopsy, a 2008 horror movie; Wishmaster 2: Evil Never Dies (1999), Last Man Standing (1996), Leon: The Professional (1994), which also just happens to be Natalie Portman’s first film (another mention, so another photo!); and a few other films – and probably even more often in television shows.

Robert LaSardo, popular bad guy actor with lots of tattoosI was surprised to learn that LaSardo is actually of Italian descent; it seems I’ve always thought he was Hispanic. To Robert’s credit, that’s obviously due to how wonderfully and perfectly he fits his roles and works his craft; he’s one hell of a convincing character. In fact – and I hope Mr. LaSardo won’t be offended – he portrays his bad guys so incredibly well, I’ve more than once wondered whether he actually was a career criminal in real life! To be sure, Robert LaSardo would be an interesting person to talk to.

In short, LaSardo rocks! For Robert LaSardo himself to leave a comment here would be amazing…

In addition to appearing in dozens and dozens of movies and television show episodes, he’s featured on numerous celebrity tattoo websites.

Postscript: Sunday, July 17, 2011
This post about bad-guy actor Robert LaSardo was originally published only a week ago, but it is already one of the most popular articles on this blog; for example, today this post was viewed 3.5 times more often than the next most-viewed post! Google searches like “tattooed actor on CSI,” “heavily tattooed Hispanic actor,” “bald tattooed bad guy,” etc. are far more popular than I’d have guessed; on the other hand, that’s exactly how I found out about Robert LaSardo last week.

I’ve noticed similar searches for another popular actor, also a heavily tattooed dude who almost always plays a Hispanic criminal in modern movies and older TV shows: Danny Trejo. A notable difference: Danny’s head isn’t shaved like mine and Robert’s.

Resources: Robert LaSardo

Robert LaSardo, popular bad guy actor with lots of tattoos

Afterthoughts: Potential brushes with greatness
I wonder if Robert LaSardo might ever happen to stumble upon this post? It would be fun to have a famous actor actually read and respond to something I’ve posted.

One of my quirkier projects is to get the attention of Les Claypool via my writings about his music on this blog; however, the cheesiness and rather lame appearance of publicly making such a geeky wish has prevented me from going any further than writing these afterthoughts – so far, at least.

Another postscript
Wednesday, January 11, 2012
Robert LaSardo, should you ever happen to run across this web page, let me tell you – you’re one of the main reasons this blog is visited (usually via Google search results, not from links on other sites). I originally wrote this short, simple post just to satisfy my own curiosity regarding your identity – not because I thought it would necessarily be popular.

Yet, this post has remained in the top five or six most popular posts since shortly after its publication. In the last month or so, this page has been viewed about 30 times per day; however, yesterday this page was hit about 235 times!

Your popularity appears to be on the rise, Mr. LaSardo! Congratulations, and best of luck to you.

27 thoughts on “Robert LaSardo: Popular tattooed bad-guy actor everyone has seen

  1. Frank Blanco

    I always wanted to read about that famous movie character, heavy tattoed that plays a bad guy and he also plays as an Hispanic guy. Today, October 21st, 2011 I’ve searched “Bad guy in CSI Miami that is heavily tattoed” and it got me there , so his real name is Robert Lasardo, of Italian descent. I enjoyed reading a little about him. It wa intersting.

  2. LOL!

    LOL!!…funny after seeing the promo fo the upcoming CSI:Miami episode for tonight….I TOO went on the hunt for the bad-ass “hispanic” tatt’d actor!LOL!!…interesting enough, I had just saw him in a movie on BET with Goldberg, ‘Half-Past Dead 2’ (PS I was channel surfing, wound up on a scene with him and Goldberg–TURN!LOL)…so I was able to imdb him, then over to this article, once I acquired his name…nice to know that I’m not alone!!LOL!

  3. Stephen Post author

    That is hilarious! I kept seeing Robert pop up in movie after movie, in TV show after TV show – and when he appeared yet again in that drugs n’ boats episode of CSI Miami (as if there were only one episode featuring drugs n’ boats!) a while back, I got up off the couch and Googled it.

    I swear, LaSardo is so persuasive and talented at his now-typecast portrayal of Hispanic criminals, that I would not have been surprised to learn he’d been plucked straight out of the big house or an L.A. jail to try his hand at acting at the behest of a producer who, while bailing out a drunk relative, happened to see Robert and found his appearance perfect for a role he still needed to cast – as opposed to the trained, highly professional actor that LaSardo actually IS!

    Since I wrote and published this post (Robert LaSardo: Popular tattooed bad-guy actor everyone has seen), I have been totally flabbergasted to find this is among the most popular posts out of hundreds of articles on this brain-dump of a blog (300 views during the last 30 days)! I still can’t believe how many other people apparently do exactly what YOU and I did: having seen Robert in so many shows, getting the urge to get up and Google “heavily tattooed Hispanic criminal actor with a shaved head” or similar search terms!! (I had no idea he was Italian!)

    BTW, without noting his shaved head, the actor name that pops up just as often in searches – if not more so – is Mr. Machete, the kick-ass actor Danny Trejo, another heavily-tattooed actor who almost always portrays a bad-ass Hispanic criminal! (At IMDb, Trejo is listed as having 225 roles – including 23 movie/TV roles that have not even come out yet!!)

    Thanks for reading and commenting – I really appreciate it.

  4. Janice

    Same here – tonight I finally said I have to find out who this guy is. My google search terms were “character actor+shaved head+tattoos”, and it brought me right here. If I’m not mistaken, he’s also played Russian/Eastern European type bad guys. He’s definitely on the top of my list of faves. Character actors are so much more interesting than leading men types, lol.

  5. Marshella sacks

    I love his newer character on In Plain Sight….it is a deep and soulful character and he plays the role so well

  6. me

    Thats funny. I came on here looking for him after seeing him in numerous CSI Miamis, TV shows and movies. The curiousity about him just now hit me. The only reason I looked him up was because he seemed so sweet in In Plain Sight (i think it was his second appearance). His fame is definitely on the rise! He has been noticed! Which is a wonderful thing for an actor. Im happy for him. Its also very interesting to know he is Italian! He plays *such* a good Mexican bad guy! Accent and all!

  7. DallasMax

    Just looked up Mr. LaSardo after seeing him in an episode of “In Plain Sight”. The end was dedicated to Mike Chavez and I was hoping that was not the tattooed man. While he makes an extrordinary bad guy it was nice to see him as a zen character who smiles a lot. I am fascinated by him and now will look for him by name to watch other programs he is in.

  8. Stephen Post author

    I agree; it would be very interesting to see Robert LaSardo play a non-standard character; I can’t think of anything more “opposite” or unconventional for him than a Zen master!

  9. Vlad

    i also searched google for mexican american actor with tattoos, seriously, dude pops up in so many movies. Great actor

  10. Evan

    I met Robert LaSardo once an got his auto graph in Santa monica he was wearing a suit an was really polite..

  11. Stephen Post author

    That is VERY cool — I’m jealous!! Thanks for visiting, reading, and especially for commenting. Take care,

  12. Rich

    Reading some of these comments takes me back a bit. I met Mr. LaSardo back in the early 80’s, when we worked in the same department while shipboard in the US Navy. He wasn’t bald when I met him, and he didn’t have as much ink. The same perception about him being that stereotypical “criminal-bad-guy-latino” was what some shipmates had of him (unfairly, and probably unbeknownst to him) even then. The irony is that if you actually MET him, he was the NICEST guy. As I remember, well-spoken and always polite.

    Funny – when he appears on TV these days, while most people see and remember whatever “character” he happens to be playing (a testament to his acting talent), I remember the Robert LaSardo that I met long ago. From the comments of some others here, it appears that the real Robert LaSardo hasn’t changed a bit – to his credit. Well, with the exception of more tattoos.

  13. Stephen Post author

    That’s definitely a worthwhile brush with "pre-greatness,"! :) Thanks for your comment. While I certainly wouldn’t assume to know what others should do, perhaps you oughta see if you can contact Robert LaSardo — just to see if he happens to remember those good ‘ol days, YOU included! That would be a trip…

    I definitely love hearing that actors I like/ admire are truly kind, enjoyable, or otherwise positive people in real life. Though many seem to believe actors are shallow and vapid, have easy lives, and so forth — I strongly believe they are far closer to being intelligent and admirable than not. Despite doing well in school, being reasonably intelligent, etc., I definitely do not have what it takes to be an actor. For instance, I do not concentrate well when I’ve got the floor.

    Carefully considered — and generally speaking — the demands and requirements of acting careers like that of Robert LaSardo call for an all-around amazing, confident, capable, principled individual as far as I can tell. I’ve tried to imagine what it might be like having to report for such a high-profile job day in and day out — the kind that requires consistent, top-of-game performance at every turn… I ain’t got the chops!

  14. Rich

    I already have contacted him, and he does remember. He sent me an email reply (which he didn’t have to – another example of his humility), and thanked me for remembering and contacting him. Go figure.

  15. sofia

    he’s hella hot and he’s one of the greatest actors i like …. proud to know that he’s a good and respected actor !


    I ran into him once at the airport in Chicago. There had just been hail so the planes were grounded and everyone was in line to get their tickets rescheduled. For some reason, my booking was taking forever and I noticed this familiar looking tattooed guy hanging out in the corner by the entrance to the counter. Robert was very friendly. We chatted a little but just small talk; he looked like he was having a migraine so I left him alone.

  17. Stephen Post author

    Cool story.

    I just happened to have a brush with celebrity last week at a nearby Starbucks here in Nashville, where I met with Kerry, a potential client to discuss a possible web site. As we talked, Kerry looked over my right shoulder and said, “Isn’t that Keith Urban?” I stole a glance, and it was Keith, all right.. That’s all well and good, especially for fans of country music (which I am not); however, the juicy part of this little story is that Mr. Urban was accompanied by his beautiful wife, Nicole Kidman! She was as beautiful as ever…

  18. Connie Carter

    I became intrigued with Mr. LaSardo after seeing him in General Hospital a few years back; he played the evil twin brother, and a priest. Seeing him in other subsequent roles thereafter, what prompted me to look him up was after watching an episode from NYPD Blue last night. “Tempest in a C-Cup” aired 11/16/93. He had hair and what looked like the beginning of his tattoos. I too, thought he was Hispanic. He is an excellent actor.

  19. Connie Carter

    Stephen, I neglected to say that NYPD Blue espisode was from season 1 and within the first 10 minutes of the show, we did see Mr. LaSardo in his first tv nude role. The show broke ground for being the first R rated tv show, depicting nudity.

  20. Kai Milla

    Like everyone else who came upon this blog, I too was curious to find out who that heavily tattooed guy was who has appeared so often on CSI Miami. I wondered whether his tattoos were for real!!! LaSardo seems to be a damned good actor playing the role of the criminal so well…He’s so darn convincing – I almost hated him!!! I look forward to seeing more of LaSardo’s incredible portrayals…. Thumbs up to you Robert LaSardo,,,, and thank you guys for the info.

  21. Kourtney B

    I was watching Bones (on Netflix) and saw the same actor I had seen on so many shows: Robert LaSardo. For me, his character on Nip/Tuck stood out the most. I’m like, “Who is this guy?” And I finally decided to look him up. As most of you did, I googled “Latino actor with….”and tattoos was the first pre-filled selection. I click on it and aside from Wikipedia and Google Images, this post was the first one. It’s nice to know that he’s so humble…and Italian? Who would have thought? Nice post!

  22. Stephen Post author

    I guess since I get so few comments here, when they do happen it’s always appreciated. It’s excellent to hear that this post is apparently ranking so well on Google and maybe other major search engines for some of the more expected keywords. That might indicate that even the beloved Italian actor himself has run across this post before! :)

    Thanks for reading, and especially for taking the time to leave a comment. Take care!

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