Inspired by Deranged Animation

Some of the more creative animation in a handful of American titles only begins to touch on it. The kind of trippy animation Pink Floyd’s The Wall, Heavy Metal, and other animated (or partially animated) movies attempted, or only just began to deliver – certain anime titles fully deliver. These kinds of dreamlike sequences come from truly creative minds and equally creative, inspired, talented artists.

intro to Cowboy Bebop animeIn other cases, anime episodes actually include the use of hallucinogenic substances, such as mushrooms. In episode 17 of Cowboy Bebop

[list of Cowboy Bebop episodes], "Mushroom Samba,"
their spaceship, the Bebop, is sideswiped in a hit-and-run incident off of Europa and crash-lands on the moon Io. Ed and Ein (the dog) set out to find something for the hungry crew to eat. scene from Mushroom Samba, episode 17 of Cowboy Bebop animeThey run into a psilocybin (magic) mushroom smuggler named Domino Walker, procuring several hallucinogenic mushrooms which they take back to the ship. Instead of eating the mushrooms immediately herself, Ed decides to test the fungal treats on her near-starving crew mates. Ed, knowing the others will eat them, places the mushrooms where Spike, Jet, and Faye are sure to find them. Ed spies on them and watches them trip out!

Now for a few sample videos…

GITS2: Innocence (2004) – The flight sequence, immediately followed by the parade scene (notable for the grand scale of the metropolis – its vastness, its immensity, etc.). The subtitles are in French in this case, but this doesn’t matter as it’s the amazingly creative animation with unbelievable depth of field, lighting, etc. to which I wish to being your attention here. (The amazing visuals start at about the 50-second mark of this video.) When the video starts, adjust it to full screen mode to get the most out of it (lower right corner):

Paprika – the repeating nonsensical parade of random objects which have come to life:

Akira (1988): Tetsuo’s hallucination:

Akira (1988): Tetsuo’s mutation:

More trippy anime scenes, coming soon (look for them on YouTube in the meantime):

Spirited Awaymost of this film is tripping: a MUST-SEE! Here’s the Spirited Away – movie trailer:

Howl’s Moving Castlemuch of this film is surreal
Tekkon Kinkreetmuch of this film is tripping
Paranoia Agent – tripping in parts
Animatrix – tripping in parts
Metropolis trailer:

Princess Mononoke – tripping in parts (the demonized creatures, the Spirit of the Forest, the miniature dough-boy creatures, etc.) – movie trailer (embedding disabled; must watch directly on YouTube)
Ghost in the Shell (1995) – tripping in parts (often featuring creepy robots/mannequins/dolls and plenty of philosophizing)
Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind (1984) – tripping in parts (giant bugs attacking, toxic jungle)

Perfect Blue (1998) – tripping in parts (essentially a doppelganger nightmare) – movie trailer:

Hell Girl – tripping in parts (generally, the last 2-3 min. of each Hell Girl episode, which are like nightmare sequences in which the antagonists often receive a major dose of their own harsh medicine…)
Noein to Your Other Self – tripping in parts (multiverse theory, quantum mechanics,time travel, parallel universes)
Strait Jacket – tripping in parts (mutating monsters)
Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi – very trippy in parts
Elfen Lied
Pet Shop of Horrors

Last Exile
Rozen Maiden
Shadow Star Narataru

The Sky Crawlers movie trailer (Japanese, no Eng. subs; truly amazing animation of flight, fighter planes, etc.):

There are also plenty of wild, trippy visuals for little kids and children at heart…

My Neighbor Totoro trailer:

Ponyo trailer:

Resources: The best hallucinogenic, surreal animation sequences

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