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This blog has been inactive for a while, but that will probably change soon; I am in the process of revisiting a lot of older writing projects.

About the images displayed on this blog

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On this and our other blogs, 95% of the time after reloading a page, the viewer will see a different image. The same is true for most images appearing on our family of blogs.

IMAGE ROTATION: The following applies to 95% of the images shown throughout the posts and pages of this blog. Most images shown within the posts and articles here at Another Day, Another Digression are selected at random from folders containing anywhere from from two (2) to twenty (20) or more images. Each time the page is loaded or reloaded (refreshed), the image rotator script arbitrarily selects a random image from its assigned folder. So if an image folder contains five (5) pics, then each image has a one-in-five or 20% chance of being loaded and displayed when this page is shown. If you’d care to see similar images to those shown on a given page, just reload the page by clicking your browser’s Refresh button; random images will appear based on the laws of statistics.

We have gone to a lot of trouble to ensure visitors and readers will not necessarily see the exact same images each time they view a given page, so we hope you notice and perhaps even enjoy this blog image feature.

"Controversial" subjects are fair game.

As in other places on this site, one may find references to content some people deem to be controversial. This is a brain-dump blog for personal use, not a quest for the approval of others. Please note that the inclusion of links within the pages and posts of this blog does not necessarily indicate the approval of the content or opinions found there.

Truth and objectivity serve as a basis.

This writer works overtime to locate the threads of truth that often serve as the foundation or impetus of popular stories, beliefs, opinions, news accounts and commentary, and so forth. Politically correct positions and viewpoints – whether broadly popular or widely contested – are not adopted or extolled in this blog unless they are believed by the writer to be genuinely, rationally sound, based on research (using multiple resources where possible). You will not find this blog discarding generally accepted science when it weakens or contests a preference, opinion, or a belief. Alternatively, this writer fully understands and embraces wise, reasonable open-mindedness; I can and will modify my beliefs and opinions when the facts warrant it. Entrenched positions are not necessarily helpful or fruitful…

Despite my humanity, the original content presented in this blog will, I hope, display a respectable level of objectivity; the writer(s) shall abide by what is, sadly, an endangered degree of apparent independence – a trend evidenced only in part by the increasing polarization of U.S. politics.

Political correctness (PC) harms society.

Political correctness is anathema here. Political correctness is a scourge, a travesty, and an abomination of our society. Some readers will notice that the content here has not been watered down or sanitized with any noticeable degree of political correctness. We do not tiptoe around potentially sensitive issues; we candidly speak the truth. Should a reader detect political correctness here, it was unintentional and slipped the sometimes-limited proofreading process; you should call me on it by leaving a comment.

To quote Philip Atkinson on his theory of civilization:

Political Correctness (PC) is the communal tyranny that erupted in the 1980s. It was a spontaneous declaration that particular ideas, expressions and behaviour, which were then legal, should be forbidden by law, and people who transgressed should be punished. (see Newspeak) It started with a few voices but grew in popularity until it became unwritten and written law within the community. With those who were publicly declared as being not politically correct becoming the object of persecution by the mob, if not prosecution by the state. (Source: Political CorrectnessA Theory of Civilization, by Philip Atkinson)

Political fundamentalism is just plain wrong.

You’ll find no political fundamentalism or habitual partisanship here. This writer considers basic, universal spiritual principles and libertarian values to be the gold standards. For example, you won’t find any support here for rightwing, propoganda-machine, smear-campaign lies about death panels and other healthcare policy scare tactics, painting socialism and Muslims and gays and atheists and unions as evil, spreading Obama-related libel and slander, or practicing Bush worship. Likewise, these pages will not help spread any left-wing falsehoods or extremes such as Bush bashing, Obama worship, supporting affirmative action, framing capitalism and wealth and profit and firearms as being evil, refusing to consider developed fetuses as people, or paranoia regarding religious belief.

More about the blogger

I’m an amateur naturalist and herpetologist (one who finds reptiles and amphibians interesting), an avid hiker (most of my nature-related writings and photography are posted on my Nashville hiking blog), documentation enthusiast and list-maker, web content specialist, a prolific blogger/ ghostblogger and writer/ ghostwriter, and content-oriented Nashville SEO expert who’s also interested in a wide range of other subjects.

Hundreds of ideas for articles and posts have been pursued, some only briefly. (In other words, I have hundreds of pages worth of unfinished articles and posts.) Many writings have been shifted to the back burner, and others permanently shelved. This blog is where lots of my material ends up, especially when it doesn’t really fit into any of the other blogs. (See Other places I post, below.) Lately I haven’t done much posting to the other blogs I’ve listed below; most of my writings that are not specifically created for paying clients of BestWeb Nashville or Nashville SEO & Web Content end up somewhere on here.

A brain dump
Publishing these random writings here seems better than merely stowing them away on a hard drive and allowing them to atrophy there in the dark. Tagged, categorized, and dated, these articles and posts might serve a useful purpose to this writer at a later time, and to anyone else who might happen to find any of this content useful.

Not a source of income
Revenue from this blog so far (including donations): $ 0.00. (Seriously.)

Why don’t you capitalize properly?
Sometime in late spring 2011 when I began to post more often to more blogs than ever before, I decided to look into generally accepted capitalization rules. In the past, I’d noticed significant differences between the way words were capitalized in international vs. American titles, section titles and subtitles, headlines, etc. and eventually realized that I prefer the international standard: sentence-case capitalization instead of title case.

Nowadays, I capitalize only the first word in most titles, headlines, and section headers – unless other rules of grammar come into play. The fact is, headlines are easier to read when they are in sentence case; and besides, sentence case just makes more sense, IMHO. In addition to having a superior visual flow, proper nouns stand out better and are easily identifiable using sentence-case capitalization rules.

No boundaries
In a sense, this blog represents a small portion of my stream of thoughts and ideas. It contains many unfinished posts, undeveloped ideas, and seemingly random subjects. The truth is, I enjoy allowing myself to wander from subject to subject on occasion – following my interests, notions, whims, and sidetracks wherever they may take me. It is often during such boundary-free exploration that I educate myself on diverse viewpoints and worldviews, come up with new ideas, and learn about subjects that had previously been relatively foreign to me or otherwise outside my ken.

Other places I post

  • Hiking in Nashville and beyond – Radnor Lake, Percy Warner Park, Fiery Gizzard, Cummins Falls, Virgin Falls, much more; lots of fantastic Nashville nature photography and a splash of lo-res video
  • Nashville SEO & Web Content – Website content, writing, copy writing, editing, ghostwriting, custom content creation, organic SEO (search engine optimization) services in Nashville; social media, backlink campaigns, SEO snapshots, Google Analytics, and much more; successful outcomes at affordable rates
  • Supernatural Horror – a blog about supernatural horror movies and shows

I’ve been posting on the following blogs/sites less frequently; future in question:

  • Bestweb Nashville – Nashville web design, web development, SEO services
  • Engaging Enthrallments – Various thoughts, interests, and obsessions – a few articles, probably not worth looking at; a precursor to this blog
  • Bumbling Bloviations – Mental detritus; random, verbose hamhockery; where articles go to die; honestly not worth your time, or my mention

Blogs to which I occasionally contribute

  • Search for Truth – an honest and relatively objective look at religious fundamentalism in the U.S.; why separation of church and state is a wonderful idea; why he no longer is a member of a fundamentalist religious group; a skeptic’s blog that will definitely appeal to the formerly religious

I write and post on other websites and blogs; however, as I often serve in a ghostwriting capacity, the rest of them aren’t listed here.

Thanks for reading – I appreciate it.

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