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Beautifully meaningful XTC songs for Amy

I realize this is rather out of the ordinary, but I pass these along with complete confidence and assurance that, if listened to intently, these songs and their positive metaphysical messages will bring tears of joy. (The titles below link to the songs on YouTube.) It’s XTC, after all. No shit: This music is doing [...]

July 31st, 2012|Entertainment, Music|0 Comments

The Gods Must Be Crazy, 1980 comedy

The longest running film ever at the Oaks Theaters in Cupertino, California (532 consecutive days), the underground mockumentary comedy classic, The Gods Must Be Crazy, is a longtime favorite of Generation X. Plot summary: The Gods Must Be Crazy A Sho in the Kalahari desert encounters technology for the first time--in the shape of a [...]

July 19th, 2012|Entertainment, Movies|0 Comments