Sharp Top Mountain hike with Stephanie

On Thursday, August 7, 2014 (Day 1 of my trip to Roanoke), Stephanie and I drove to Sharp Top Mountain near Bedford for our first Virginia hiking experience together. Sharp Top Mountain is one of three mountain peaks collectively referred to as the Peaks of Otter in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

The Sharp Top Mountain hike was strenuous with an elevation change of around 1,300 feet on the 1.5-mile (3 mi round trip) trail.

Kitten (Maine Coon breed) needs a home ASAP

Maine Coon kitten now has a home

A delightful couple, connected to Kitty & me via Tanya of A Circle of Friends (a meditation group in the Green Hills area of Nashville), arrived shortly after 2pm today to meet Kitty, the amazing kitten. As predicted[1], a kitty connection was made with Chantyl — and Kitty went home with them. (By now, Kitty is at her new home in Nashville, exploring or perhaps purring with satisfaction in the lap of the nearest animal lover.)

This is, of course, a good news/bad news scenario as far as my housemate and I are concerned; however, I am happy to see Kitty go to what I’m certain will be a wonderful home, which includes two Shih Tzus — at least one of which is quite friendly!

Kitten photo gallery 2

A very sincere & grateful thank you goes out to those who responded to our plea to find this kitten a good home!


[1] Prediction: Kitty will be adopted today
One not be a psychic or prognosticator on any level to make this particular prediction; all that’s needed is to know the kitten involved. Any level of familiarity with said kitten would suffice!

Resources: Maine Coon kitten now has a home

Shih Tzu – Dogtime

Tiny Maine Coon kitten needs a home

Awesome Maine Coon breed: One of the best, they say (seriously!)

NOTE: Kitty has found a home. Thanks for reading & passing along!

Click on any image in the gallery below to start a slide show with much larger (thus cuter) images! :)

Resources: Tiny Maine Coon kitten needs a home

  • Maine Coon (domesticated breed of cat) – Wikipedia — The Maine Coon, also known as American Longhair, is the largest domesticated breed of cat with a distinctive physical appearance and valuable hunting skills. It is one of the oldest natural breeds in North America, specifically native to the state of Maine, where it is the official state cat…

Acoustic guitar again, finally

…Plus a bit of far more exciting news

I finally picked up the acoustic guitar again for real; I was inspired by the sweet acoustic guitar in Blind Faith‘s Can’t Find My Way Home, a 1969 classic rock number from Eric Clapton and Steve Winwood. I played for about 4 hours on Sunday until my fingertips were burning; so, the guitarist finger calluses have begun to form for the first time in about 12 years.

Here are a couple of my embarrassing attempts to learn the song.

I totally suck, but it’s great to have at least begun to play the acoustic guitar again. Many thanks to Gary Davis for the gift of the Takamine acoustic guitar back in December!

Significant other

Stephanie Dixon and Stephen Frasier at Skyking Pizza - Kingston Springs, TN - May 14, 2014

Stephanie Dixon and Stephen Frasier at Skyking Pizza – Kingston Springs, TN – May 14, 2014

The most amazing thing going on in my life right now is that Stephanie Dixon and I are once again an item. Stephanie was my first college girlfriend way back at David Lipscomb College, as it was then known. Stephanie & I dated for four or five months back in late 1984 to early 1985.

Stephanie was able to visit the Dickson/Pegram/Nashville area in May 2014, thanks to the fact that one of her brothers lives in Pegram, plus her break from nursing school. Great times were had by all. :)

Pics of Stephanie’s visit to Dickson/Nashville, May 2014

Resources: Acoustic guitar again, finally

Here are links to two excellent versions of Blind Faith’s Can’t Find My Way Home: the original studio version and a great cover by Styx.

Stephanie’s visit to Tennessee, Part 3

Photos from Stephen’s camera

I almost forgot about these pics, taken May 15-18, 2014 in Nashville & Dickson, TN…

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