Hiking Roanoke greenway, Mill Mountain trail

It was another wonderful day of hiking and nature appreciation in Roanoke, VA.

Walking around South Roanoke on a beautiful Sunday afternoon

More of the GO Outside Festival

I guess walking from the hotel to downtown Roanoke & back wasn’t enough. The weather is so freaking perfect I could not resist going out for more socializing, photography, pure enjoyment, exercise, et al. It was fantastic. The Roanoke GO Outside Festival is still in full swing!

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My table for resting, lunchon Market Street - walk to downtown Roanoke, VA

Walk from Cambria Suites Hotel to downtown Roanoke

Such a nice walk on a virtually perfect day. Grateful! :)

GO Outside Festival in Roanoke, VA

GO Outside Festival in Roanoke, VA

I did not even know this was going on this weekend. Have I died and gone to heaven? :)

Resources: GO Outside Festival in Roanoke, VA

Cambria Suites Hotel in Roanoke, VA 20141016

Cambria Suites Hotel: Long weekend in Roanoke, VA

Finally got all set up in room 104 at the lovely Cambria Suites Hotel in Roakoke, VA, with the help of Stephanie Dixon. I arrived in Roanoke, VA at 2:30 yesterday afternoon via Greyhound bus, my second such trip since August. It’s absolutely gorgeous here, with the fall color just a few days ahead of peak according to the local news.

I’m here to work on several OneWeb TN client website projects as well as organizational work for Austin with the help of the very capable, hard-working, smarter-than-a-whip Valerie Hart, owner of A Fresh Start professional maid service in Nashville/Dickson. Thanks for all you do, Val! :)